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I am an artist, a poet, a poetry publisher, and a graphic designer. Feel free to click around on the links to see what I do all day. I add new images to this site often—every week, or so, like a blog. Comments are always welcome (see The Story page). Below is a brief list of you'll find on the pages of this site.


Art Gallery: As an artist, I enjoy working with assemblage, paper-making, pen & ink, watercolor painting, and a several other art techniques. You can see my artworks through the drop-down menu under the "Art Gallery" button. Artists often find great satisfaction working outside of their comfort levels—and constantly learning new skills—which increases their knowledge and expertise of all they do. The act of creating art in this way is a continual source of gratification and contentment for me.



The Bookstore: It's a pleasure for me to publish beautiful books by Washington State poets. The latest publications are limited editions. The layout, illustrations, printing, and assembly production—which includes sewing, trimming, gluing, scoring, and folding to put each book together—all happens at Egress Studio.


Poetry Publisher: In the Bookstore page, you will discover a link to poetry submissions. Through my imprint, Egress Studio Press, I am actively publishing handmade, limited-edition books by Washington State poets.

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•  Artist/Poet Statement


Resume of Poetry and Art

Anita K. Boyle, sole proprietor

Artist, Poet, and Publisher of Washington State poets

The Story: This link shares specific background information about my education and experience on my Resume page, and what I'm capable of as an artist, poet, designer and publisher on the Artist Statement page.


Behance Portfolio: The link here, and below in the bottom margin of this page, will take you to a website with the portion of my portfolio that shows my process for several projects. As I keep going, I'll be uploading more projects with details about how they were completed.


Other Social Media: The links at the bottom of every page connect with several social media, including Behance, where you can see the process of some of the projects I've finished.


I encourage you to return to this site often, as new images and information continue to be added on a regular basis.


E-Mail Address:

Land Line: 360-398-7870

Snail Mail: 5581 Noon Road, Bellingham WA 98226


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