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Encounters with art and poetry of the Pacific NW
This blog highlights some of the art and poetry events around the Pacific Northwest. Generally, either James Bertolino or I write a posting every so often. We'd like to write weekly, but our schedule doesn't allow that luxury yet. It is also a place where I can talk about what we've been up to, and where we're showing or what we've published, but we extend that to include the work of other poets and artists.

Ink Tub
New drawings every week
Well, sometimes not. We're casually serious. The artists are myself, Anita K. Boyle/Bertolino, and my daughter, the great Angela Boyle. The drawings are always in ink. We can use a brush, a nib pen, a ball point pen, or even a stick, as long as on one end is ink, and on the other end is our hand. We do quick 30-minute basic drawings and then can go a little further with the details, if we can find enough time in the busy lives we lead these days.

About Anita K. Boyle and Egress Studio

Egress Studio is a graphic design and illustration studio just outside Bellingham, Washington. You can ask me about creating your new brochure, a menu, program, advertisement, another set of business cards, or the layout and cover design for your new manuscript, or any printable piece, large or small. As an illustrator, I create work in a variety of mediums, too, from hand-drawn to computer-origninated to animated pieces. Give me a call at (360)398-7870, and we can discuss the possibilities.

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Village Books (1200 11th Street, Bellingham)
All Year Long! Poets of the Pacific Northwest are represented in Egress Studio Press poetry display at Village Books, currently up on the third floor in or near the mystery section. Not only will you find Egress Studio Press books there, but other poets, both local and regional, have books available in the poetry section.

Egress Studio products for you on Etsy:
This is a link for you to see Egress Studio's presence on Etsy: original artwork by Anita K. Boyle, as well as prints and cards.