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The Moon's Answer by Lana Ayers

Illustrated by Anita K. Boyle

The Moon's Answer by Lana Ayers is a poem full of desire, sensuous mystery, and the celestial tugs of the beloved, and is illustrated by Anita K. Boyle with full-page, pen & ink drawings.


The poet and fiction writer Lana Ayers is an energetic supporter of other poets and their poetry. She has promoted poets and poetry through several publishing enterprises, including MoonPath Press, Concrete Wolf, World Enough Writers, and competitions. As an editor, teacher, and a leader worthy of emulation in our local and national literary communities, Lana has encouraged hundreds of emerging poets, and her example continues to sustain them beyond their many successes.


This publication is produced as a special handmade art-book to physically present a metaphorical replication of the generosity Lana has shown to the other writers around her. Our sincere respect for her is tightly bound within these pages.

Limited Edition handmade book in three styles. 32-pages.

ISBN 978-0-9725137-6-0


Soft Cover, 9"h by 6"w


Sixty-five copies available from the website


Hard Cover, Casebound, 10"h by 6"w

$80, available soon

Only three copies available from the website


Hard Cover: Accordion-Bound, 10"h by 6"w $300, available soon

Only three copies available from the website. The accordion book can be read like a regular book, or it can open to over seventeen feet to display the poem and art. The book will come in a box for safekeeping on the bookshelf.


This handmade book, being published in 2016 in two limited editions, is currently in the final stages of production. The 32-page soft cover—with wrap-around outer cover and square spine—is waiting only to be signed and numbered by the poet and the artist, and will be available after July 30. Limited to 100 copies, the books are printed in three colors, and include moon-yellow endpapers, which were hand-dyed with flowers from buttercups, dandelions and creeping jenny.


The hard covers are still in production. This edition will be comprised of six case-bound and six accordion bound books, also signed and numbered by poet and artist.

• The hard cover accordion books are printed on two colors of handmade paper. The papers are hand-dyed yellow (as described above) and a blue-gray (dyed with Indian plums, choke cherries &/or blackberries). Areas of the blue-gray papers, containing the poem and the moon, are cut out prior to gluing over the yellow for a two-color presentation. This edition is still in production mode.

• The casebound books will be constructed using handmade paper on the covers, and possibly the interior pages. I am currently in the beginning stages of production of these books,and will need to do a little experimenting before deciding the final end result.


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