About the Artist:

Anita K. Boyle

Anita is an artist, poet, publisher, gardener, and beekeeper,

whose work reflects a lifetime

of living, learning and working

in the Pacific Northwest.


Variation & Inspiration

Artist Anita K. Boyle creates assemblages with found natural materials, prints on her handmade papers, and paintings, drawings and more.

Poetry & Art Books:

Handmade &

Limited Editions

The poet Anita K. Boyle is also a publisher of limited edition handmade books and art books that are created like an assemblage. Handmade paper plays a role in all her works.

Egress Studio Blog

with posts about

art & poetry

Inside Egress Studio lots of things are made including paper for drawings, books, assemblages, and prints.

Egress Studio

Anita K. Boyle

Artist. Poet.

(360) 543-3903

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