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waterlilies The Pond Any time of the year, the pond brings wonder and beauty to our days. There is a routine it follows, from the parched emptiness in late August to overflowing its northern bank in winter and spring. It is a kind of breathing, and seems to be the inspiring lung of this place.

Welcome to Egress Studio

Today (April 9, 2021), I made another update to this website. During the past few weeks, I've been adding information to the Egress Studio Press pages. So now, you can go to the Bookstore pages. Some items may be purchased through PayPal or contact me if you feel like making purchase but don't want to go through PayPal.

Looks like I've published over a dozen books for Washington State poets. Not nearly enough, but I am not sure how I will continue to publish books. I'm leaning toward presenting poetry on the handmade paper I make here, maybe in series, or singly or even boxed. I'm still thinking about it while I build this website. I'm sure it'll take shape soon.

Bewick's Wren, ink drawing Just go to the Poetry link in the above navigation bar, and click on the Egress Studio Press Books link, or the one to my poetry books page. Most of the links work now, but not all of them do, though the site is slowly progressing. The books that are listed as "out of print" will be the first to become audio and/or e-books sometime in the future. Currently, I have one audio link ready to go, which is on Lana Ayer's The Moon's Answer page, which I urge you take a look at.

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Many links throughout this site will not work yet, but most do.
Please be patient, as I'm currently building this site.