About the Artist:

Anita K. Boyle


I am a poet and artist, who publishes Washington State poets who lives just outside Bellingham, Washington. 


For most of my life, I enjoyed learning as an autodidact, including a wide variety of art techniques—ink drawings; stained glass; painting in watercolor, oil; and acrylic, printmaking; and ceramics. In 1994, I was suddenly in a position to return to school, and graduated from Whatcom Community College with honors (1995), and from Western Washington University, cum laude (1998). Since then, I have been the sole proprietor of Egress Studio, an art and design studio.


Through Egress Studio, I’ve designed and published many poetry chapbooks, and easily over three hundred poetry broadsides (from The Poet as Art series, Boynton Poetry Contest, and more. I've painted two series of watercolor jazz portraits, as well as landscapes, and constructed numerous assemblages using natural and man-made materials; and have learned to make paper for use in books, printmaking, and assemblages; I am included in workshops and gatherings with poets and artists throughout the Pacific Northwest, and am consumed with the larger creative community in our area. 

Since 1987, my home has been located northeast of Bellingham, where I now live with the poet James Bertolino. We share five acres with a herding dog, a cat, a parakeet, several laying hens, as well as an ever-changing variety of wildlife; and there is a pond and a small forest, a garden and pastures, all of which bring constant inspiration. Each day here is a creative enjoyment that makes my life full of joy and sadness, astonishment and beauty.

—Anita K. Boyle

Artist & Poet

As an Artist…

I thrive on gathering knowledge about fine art techniques—from papermaking to printmaking, watercolor to oil painting, line drawing to assemblage. And the natural environment of Northwest Washington informs every artwork I create. While I've learned some of this information in a classroom setting, most of my knowledge comes from reading books and hands-on experimentation. The techniques I use surface in all of my work, whether an assemblage or a poem.

As a Poet…

My poems often work with an exterior landscape that replicates the interior, more personal, one. Generally, I begin with an idea and rummage around the light and dark places in my imagination to find a logical way to illustrate the progression of the idea. I really enjoy how the natural world teaches us, and how, if we look closely enough to notice the big and small details, the natural world can provide all sorts of wise and often humorous commentary on how we live our lives.

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Anita K. Boyle

Artist. Poet.

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