This 4" by 6" linoleum block print is signed and numbered, and printed on 100% cotton rug yarn paper made by the artist. This print is matted and ready for an 8 by 10 frame.


This print is one of six illustrations for David Ossman's poetry book, The Old Man's Poems, each printed in an edition of thirty. The title of this print comes directly from a line of one of David Ossman's poems. The original prints will be tipped into the ten forthcoming hard cover artbooks of this title that will be printed on handmade paper throughout the book. 


About the Paper:

The yarn for the paper was the 100% cotton rug yarn remnants off the loom of a local rug weaving business that I ran through my Hollander beater,* which beats fibers for papermaking and other purposes. The paper comes in three colors: kraft, orange-yellow, taupe (a light greyish brown). It is very strong and picks up the printing ink as a solid black.


*A Hollander beater is a machine for beating and breaking down natural materials especially for papermaking.

All About the Moon, linoleum block print

    • 4 by 6 inch linoleum block
    • Printed on the artist's 5.5 by 7.5 inch handmade paper
    • Signed and numbered by the artist, Anita K. Boyle
    • Print will be shipped in a 8 by 10 inch mat enclosed in clear poly envelope

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