Jed Myers' Egress Studio Press book, Between Dream and Flesh, was published in an edition of 150 handmade copies in 2018. Each book is signed and numbered by Jed Myers under the colophon at the end of the book, and published by Egress Studio Press, Bellingham, WA in 2018.


Size: 6" w. x 9.25" h.

32 pages


About the Poet: Jed Myers

Jed Myers is an accomplished, award-winning, and prolific Seattle poet. A hard working poet, he ran a reading series in Seattle for several years, was the poetry editor for Bracken magazine, is willing to assist other poets, and participates in many venues around Washington State and elsewhere. He does what it takes to be a true poet. During the time period that I’ve had Jed’s book in my cue to publish, he has been prolific, writing often, sending his work out, publishing in many literary magazines, has had other books published, and another couple of books are coming out next year—The Marriage of Space and Time from MoonPath Press, and one that received the Iron Horse Poetry Literary Review’s chapbook award for his collection titled Dark’s Channels—which was judged by the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry winner Tyehimba Jess. Jed’s book Watching the Perseids was the winner of the Sacramento Poetry Center Book Award, and is a chronicle of his father’s dying of glioblastoma. He teaches as a Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Washington, and maintains a solo therapy practice in Seattle. He considers himself a student of human nature, and sees poetry as a pathway toward the illumination of that nature.


About the making of BETWEEN DREAM AND FLESH:

The title and author name on the outer covers are foil-embossed using a machine given to me by another Seattle poet—John Burgess and his wife Patsy. This old machine heats letterpress type to 260°, and pushes the type into a strip of foil over the paper to emboss and foil-stamp at the same time. To do this on the spine, it was necessary to line up the type by eyeballing it, which worked a surprising number of times. Then I stamped the front covers with the title, and then again with the author’s name. Each time I pulled the lever, I had to be sure the head and the paper were still alligned. In the end, there were 150 covers embossed, which I then collaged with a light tan or cream colored strip of handmade, natually dyed paper, and a darker strip of purple or brown. From designing the book, printing it on machine-made papers listed in the colophon, to scoring, folding, sewing, and trimming, to collaging, and foil-embossing each book three times, and completing their assembly—handmade books are time-consuming to produce. Hands-on work like this is arduous, yet satisfying. Not only can you hold this book in your hands, the end result is something that is versatile as an entertainment, a book of literature, and each one an artwork.

Between Dream and Flesh by Jed Myers

  • Limited edition of 150 copies

    Published in 2018

    32 handbound pages

    Wrap-around cover offers square spine


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