Size: 17.5" wide by 14" high


This painting shows a pair of foothills on the Olympic Peninsula. They are steep, and charge right into the lake. The painting of ink and watercolor uses the crumpled masa paper technique, which forms lines of color in the paper similar to batik. After the painting process was finished, I collaged a few layers of my handmade paper. The black paper is made from museum quality black matboard and cattails, and is some of the very first paper I've made. Some of the white paper has cattails in it, too, as well as recycled paper and a few flower petals.

Despite the Storm, crumpled sumi painting & collage

  • About the Crumpled Masa Paper Technique:

    Masa paper is a machine made Japanese paper that is sized to give the paper strength and keep it from falling apart when wet. For this technique, the paper is crumpled, which breaks the sizing on the paper. The paper is then dampened and smoothed out to lie flat again. Then watercolor and sumi ink is applied. The ink tends to be attracted to the cracks in the sizing, very much like dye does with the cracked wax of batik. 


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