This book is made of 100% handmade papers by the artist. Almost every page of this book contains dogwood flower petals that were embossed into the wet paper sheet. When the paper dried, they were removed, and reapplied to the paper with the use of rabbit skin glue, which is an old and very versatile artist’s material often used for preparing a canvas for an oil painting, as well as sizing paper. When the petals were first embossed into the paper, they not only left their shapes behind, but part of themselves, which left a stain on the paper.


The artist's handmade papers are on the covers and interiors of this book. The covers were created by wrapping davey board with a handmade ocean algae paper, which, if you look closely, has small shiny elements of salt and silica from sand, and darker areas of seaweed found along the shores of Willapa Bay in southwest Washington. The inside cover pages are embelished with marbled paper (not made here), and the interior papers blue and handmade using recycled papers and cotton linters. The blue color of the papers was created by the artist with Indian Plum or osoberries, from one of the first plants to flower each spring.

Shadows We Leave Behind, artbook

  • Size: 6 by 8 by 1inches

    Handmade papers dyed blue with Indian plums (osoberries)

    Cover paper made using ocean tide-washed seaweed and recycled paper

    Materials: recycled paper, ocean algae (on cover), cotton linters, embossed papers, interior pages dyed blue with Indian plums, linen threads, davey board, rabbit skin glue, interior collage and embossment with dogwood petals and letterpress type.


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