Size: 11”w x 27”h x 11”d

Year created: 2019

The materials that created this assemblage suggests our past history as individuals, and its influence on our present—pieces of an old house, a nest, car parts, and the constant presence of the natural world. We are practically chained to the past, and the nurturing of the young. But each day adds more to the past of our lives. We move from one thing to the next in an odd, but natural system that isn’t really ready to be read in the pages of a book. Rather, our lives consist of visual symbols that create a system for understanding about what has already happened and what we might expect next. Our ancestors are a part of us as we move from one thing to the next, but do they affect us? How do we know?

System of Comings and Goings

  • This assemblage combines 100-year-old bric-a-brac from an old house, an old telephone pole’s glass insulator, fuses and resistors, fallen red-winged blackbird nest, chain, floating-pond-algae paper, iris-pulp paper, brass and steel fittings, feathers, and a gear from a VW Beetle transmission.


Egress Studio

Anita K. Boyle

Artist. Poet.

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