Dimensions: 18" h. x 23" w. 

Media:  Assemblage

Year created: 2018

Price (in U.S. dollars) : $750, plus shipping


This medium-large assemblage began with texturing the plywood base with acrylic modeling paste. Printing ink and acrylic paint were applied. Wasp nest papers and interiors were adhered with acrylic medium, as well as leaf skeletons and shiny bullet casings.While I worked with this assemblage, I noticed how the corroded letterpress type was so similar in color to the wasp nests that they began to mimic each other. The curved movement and earthy colors place the imagery of the piece underground, as if language could be dug up and rediscovered. The artwork begins to tell a story.

Unearthing Semantics

  • This assemblage contains oxidized letterpress type, wasp nests and paper from other nests, bullets, acrylic molding paste and paint, desiccated leaves on plywood board. The art is framed and under glass.


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