This is a small journal for writing about the things in life that really bug you. Anita Boyle's illustrations of bugs are at the ready to inspire that creepy feeling to help you remember even the smallest details. Every book is folded, sewn, and trimed by hand. The entire journal is made out of the remnants of other books published by Egress Studio Press.


The intention of this journal is to provide a small place for you to write down lines about things that really irritate you. This not only gets these bothersome things off your chest, but also offers you a way of repurposing the pestilences of your life into an act of writing that may turn salubriously cathartic.

What Bugs Me, a small illustrated journal

  • Size may vary, but at this writing, it is 5.5 x 4.25 inches

    16 Pages

    Please note that, since this small journal is made out of the trimmings of books published through Egress Studio Press, they will sometimes vary in size or color cover, but the number of pages will remain the same.


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